“Beauty For Ashes”

This handsome man’s name was Danny. He passed away a few days short of his 35th birthday and before the Christmas holidays. His passing was indeed tragically and completely unexpected. Danny was my husband and the father of our four children ages two to ten at that time. I was hesitant to share something so […]

Funny video about Diabetes

Diabetes Funny Video | Aniron Wellness Center

Managing diabetes can feel like a full-time job. What to eat or what not to eat? becomes the million-dollar question at any time you put food in your mouth. Diabetes can discourage you from enjoying one of the most basic, needful, and fulfilling things in life . . . eating! For most memorable events in […]

Learn more about diabetes

This is a very interesting different view of diabetes. Learn more about it and make sure to check out our services!

Sharing the Light: Another name for success, Eliud Kipchoge


I love celebrating the amazing, rare, and good in the world. News of destruction, massacres, killings, abuse and of other evils happening all around us, can makes us question why to even dare to bring kids to this wretched world, to suffer, when this world is not even good for us already here. A few […]

Why can’t I lose weight even when . . .

Why can’t I lose weight even when . . . I don’t eat much, I’m exercising, I stopped drinking soda and now I drink more water, and the pills I bought on Facebook didn’t help? To answer this question, let me ask you first, when was the last time you had an annual check-up or […]

Who pays this much for shoes?

Who pays this much for shoes | Aniron Wellness Center

I saw this post in a garage sale on Facebook. The first thing that came to my head was- “Who pays this much for shoes?!”, followed by- “and to only wear them once?! What a waste of money! But even if I could afford them, does it mean I should buy them?” I hope this […]