Aniron Means: “I Desire”

How It Started?

Aniron started several years ago with the desire to change the situation for patients that couldn’t receive quality healthcare or had multiple obstacles to be healthy.

Some of those obstacles were:

Not having health insurance or means to pay for medical care.

Having health insurance, but with poor coverage, or stringent regulations that impede quality care.

Lack of emotional support.

Distrusts on the healthcare system and providers.

Fear of pain from procedures, tests, and diagnosis of illness.  

Underestimating the dangers of not adequately treating chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol.

Consuming a diet high in saturated fats, or with low nutritional value. 

Being overweight or obese, leading a sedentary lifestyle, and being under stress.

Neglecting annual wellness exams, missing follow-up visits, or refusing to seek routine or urgent medical care when sick.

Being healthy is the last priority in life after work and family.

I decided that something needed to change. 

My solution was to adopt a new and revolutionary modality to deliver health care. With Direct Primary Care (DPC), healthcare services are membership-based, instead of fee-for-service, or third-party payer like health insurance. With DPC, I can:

  • Offer quality services at a lower and affordable cost, regardless of having health insurance or not. 
  • Focus my attention on preventing, stabilizing, and halting the progress of chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. 

  • Offer continuity of care through close monitoring and more frequent follow-up visits. 

  • Make health services more accessible and convenient through Telehealth and direct communication between me and patient. 

  • Personalize healthcare into staggered, manageable, and reasonable small steps, that progress from easy and to more difficult. 

  • Teach patients how to care for and prioritize their health through health coaching.

  • Develop a partnership built on trust.


My journey into Functional Medicine started with my grandmother

My older brother and I grew up in a humble home in an impoverished country. We had no medical insurance and no help from the government. My grandmother, Lidia, worked hard to put food on our table while our parents worked far away. My brother had severe asthma growing up. I witnessed firsthand the healing power of natural medicine- home remedies, herbs, teas, and other therapies- from my grandmother. My brother never owned an inhaler or nebulizer but thanks to my grandmother’s resilience and vast knowledge of the healing properties of herbs and foods my brother always recovered, and his asthma eventually went into remission.

Now, I have transitioned my practice from traditional conventional methods to the holistic approach of Functional Medicine to diagnose and treat illnesses and chronic conditions, and to promote wellness. This has not only blessed my life but that of my family’s as well and I am determined to bring the same blessings to my patients.

Wendy K. Edwards


Wendy earned her Master’s Degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner at the University of Texas at Arlington and her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing at Texas Tech University. She has over ten years of experience as a nurse and has worked in cardiology, oncology, medical-surgical and step-down ICU. She has spent numerous hours learning about Functional Medicine, thyroid, women’s and men’s health, hormone replacement therapy, and other treatment modalities. She has also done learning through Functional Medicine University.

She was born in Honduras where she earned a degree in Elementary Education. She understands firsthand the unique needs and challenges of the Hispanic community, new immigrants, and those from underserved communities. Coming from humble beginnings with a hard-working family and belief in Christ helped forge her love for family values, social standards, pursuit of education, hard work, and compassionate service to others.

She has volunteered her services as a provider at charitable community clinics in the DFW area in Texas for over three years and in other capacities in community organizations and humanitarian projects. She is a believer in “paying it forward,” giving of oneself to help others. She and her husband, a biomedical engineer, live in Eagle Mountain Utah with their youngest three children. They also have five adult children and four grandchildren.

Wendy loves to spend her free time with family on vacation trips, during holidays. She enjoys running, working out and dancing when possible.

About | Aniron Wellness Center | Holistic Healthcare Hub
About | Aniron Wellness Center | Holistic Healthcare Hub