Why can’t I lose weight even when . . .

Why can’t I lose weight even when . . .

I don’t eat much, I’m exercising, I stopped drinking soda and now I drink more water, and the pills I bought on Facebook didn’t help?

To answer this question, let me ask you first, when was the last time you had an annual check-up or comprehensive lab work?

There are several reasons why diets, medications, and even exercise fail. But the most important, if you ask me, it’s that the body, as a vehicle, needs regular inspections to detect problems and fix them. Not having an idea of the current state of your health, is not the best way to start a program for weight loss.

Your problem as to why you can’t lose weight can be related to hormones, thyroid issues, having diabetes or insulin resistance (and not knowing), taking the wrong medications, following not sustainable diets, not having emotional support, or not doing it under a healthcare provider’s supervision, and the list goes on.

Look for a healthcare provider you can trust, get a check-up, prevent complications, and learn what your body needs not only to lose weight but also to be healthy.

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