The sad reality of depression is that, it can be lethal but we are not afraid enough to seek help.

Depression: Sad Reality | Aniron Wellness Center

The sad reality of depression is that it can be lethal but we are not afraid enough to seek help.

When we have chest pain, we immediately think . . . “I’m having a heart attack!”. When we develop weakness along with a headache, we quickly assume . . . “I’m having a stroke!”. But when we feel down, lose interest in things we used to love, have little or no energy, gain or lose weight . . . do we immediately think, “I’m depressed!?” We underestimate how debilitating, destructive and often lethal depression can be, especially when not recognized or treated. When facing life-threatening conditions, we rush to the emergency room or call 911. How come when we are depressed or experience symptoms of depression, we don’t react the same way, when depression can very likely kill us too? When we don’t give ourselves permission to acknowledge we are depressed, we deny others the same. Let’s acknowledge that depression is serious and merits attention. We have lost many lives already to COVID, how many more are going to lose due to depression and suicide?

Please take the moment to watch this video. The presenter does a good job of explaining why we should learn more about depression and how we can help.

Something About Mental Health” by Carl L. Hanson

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